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Perhatian semua...

ok artikel ni adalah hasil dari reseach dalam intenet..sebab ada beberapa orang yang tanya binatang ni perlu ada lesen tak untuk membela..seperti iguana..dan binatang2 yang didalam perlindungan...so korang ley lah baca ni k...

"Sugar Gliders are protected under the enactment of National Parks and Wildlife Act 1972? Where person who owns,who sell can be apprehended and prosecuted? FYI, sugar gliders in Malaysia(Brown in color, which is native from the forest of Malaysia) is not the same as the Aussies (Grey in color)havent u did any research?or even seek consult from the experts (i.g Irshad Mubarak-the guide for Prime Minister and advisor at Langkawi forest reserve)????And gliders live in colony during breeding season..most of the time there are solitary..u ader bace research jurnal tak?im just informing while educate awareness on all who reading this including u..no offense but i talked to most conservationist out there saying that i did great..that’s all..well,the glider i found may be in their teen age(as i described the morphology to the conservationist),it’s a suitable age for them to explore and fend for themselves in the wild(if they were in captive before).Back from the beginning,it’s still wrong to take them from the wild and sell the gliders( while there are still depend on their mother)separated from their mother.."sedeyh betol!

I wonder if there is confusion with sugar gliders and flying squirrels or squirrel gliders. Under…..



Sugar gliders are not protected or under any CITES list. They are fully protected in Australia but not in Malaysia. Flying squirrels or squirrel gliders are 100% fully protected in Malaysia and should never be kept as pets. I am no conservationist student or biologist or what ever related profession in the flora and fauna of Malaysia, but this is from my own research, information that I get from overseas and of course the senior retired vet from Zoo Negara. If anyone has concrete information in black and white about sugar gliders being native to Malaysia, I would appreciate it if you could mail it to me. As I am also learning, if it is true that they are native to Malaysia, then I would stop this blog and my hobby and release my sugar gliders back into the wild.
According to Jabatan Perhilitan Semenanjung Malaysia:

sugar glider is not listed under the new Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 [Act 716], thus requires no license to keep it. For your information this species is also not listed under CITES appendixes and are widely bred in captivity.

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